May we take some of your time? Please answer a few questions so we can get to know each other better


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1. Do You Have a Written Mission Statement?

2. Do You Have a Written Vision Statement?

3. Do You Have a Logo?

4. Do You Have a strategic Position?

5. Do You Know Your Most Probable Customer?

6. Do You Make Your Decisions Based on Numbers?

7. Do You Have an Administrative Assistant?

8. Do You Use Reports to Measure Performance?

9. Do You Use Stated Goals Each Month in All Departments?

10. Do You Have a Leadership Development System?

11. Do You Have a Marketing System?

12. Do You Have a Finance System?

13. Do You Have a Team Development System?

14. Do You Have a Lead Generation System?

15. Do You Have a Lead Conversion System?

16. Do You Have a Client Fulfillment System?

17. Have You Been Identifying Your Strengths on a Monthly Basis?

18. Have You Been Identifying Your Weakness on a Monthly Basis?

19. Do You Already Know The Opportunities on a Monthly Basis?

20. Do You Already Know Your Threats on a Monthly Basis?

21. Do You Set Your Monthly Goals?

22. Do You Use Force Field Analysis?

23. Do You Spend up to 5% of your revenue for your marketing expenses?

24. Does your social media activities produce and broadcast quality content which gives you a direct communication line with customers?

25. Do You Have Marketing Collateral Like Business Cards, Flyers, and Brochures Ready?

26. Have You Identified Your Competitor?

27. Do You Have the Ability to Know Who's Most Likely to Buy Your Products?

28. Do You take every possible moment to learn new things in improving your marketing skills?

29. Are You Actively Participating in Social Media?

30. Is Your Personal Credit Score Lower than 800?

31. Is Your Business Credit Score Lower than 75?

32. Do you invest inside of your business?

33. Do you invest outside of your business?

34. Do You Have a Financial Adviser?

35. Do You Use Quickbooks for your Finance Processes?

36. Do You Use Odoo for your Finance Processess?

37. Do You Use Xero for your Finance Processess?

38. Do You Use FreshBooks for Your Finance Processes?

39. Do You Take Every Possible Moment to Learn New Things in Improving You Financial Reporting Skills?

40. Do You Have a Marketing Manager?

41. Do You Have a Copywriter?

42. Do You Have an SEO expert?

43. Do You Have a Video Editor?

44. Do You Have a Graphic Designer?

45. Do You Have a Social Media Manager

46. Do You Have a Bookkeeper?

47. Do You Have an Accountant?

48. Do You Have a Sales Person?

49. Do You Have an Operations Manager?

50. Do You Have a Customer Service Representative?

51. Does Every Team Member Understands Company's Goals, Products, and Capabilities?

52. Does You Have a Marketing Leader Who Is Responsible for Stating What Your Company Promises to Your Clients?

53. Do You Have a Finance Leader Who Is Responsible for Managing the Credibility and Accountability of Your Company's Finances?

54. Do You Have a Human Resource Leader Who is Responsible for Managing the Quality of the Leads that Come to Your Company?

55. Do You Have a Lead Generations Leader Who's Responsible for Managing the Quality of the Leads that Come to Your Company?

56. Do You Have a Sales Leader Who's Responsible For Converting Leads to Clients?

57. Do You Have an Operations Leader Who's Responsible for Products or Service Fulfillment including Shipping if Necessary?

58. Do You Have Reliable Recruiting Data That Gives You The Complete Picture of Your Hiring Activity?

59. Is Your Org Chart Already Filled-Out?

60. Do You Delegate Responsibilities You Enjoy To Your Employees So They Could Develop Their Skills and Free-up Your Time?

61. Do You Consider Having a Complete Remote Workforce?

62. Do You Have the Flexibility of Hiring and Firing Your Employees Based On Your Project Demands?

63. Does Your Explainer Video Clearly Gives Buyers Crisp and Intuitive Descriptions of Your Products and Services?

64. Is Your Call To Action Clearly Visible?

65. Have You Decided Your Target Market?

66. Does Your Sales Team Use Live Chat Tools?

67. Do you Have Any Lead Generation Process Ready?

68. Does Your Lead Generation Script Discusses the Right Topics When Talking To Customers?

69. Are You Creating Diversified Content to Help our Users?

70. Do You Have a De-cluttered Landing Page?

71. Do You Go to Events and Expos That Can Help You In Generating Leads?

72. Do You Use Statistical Data About Your Most Probable Customer to Determine How You Will Communicate with Them?

73. Do You Rely On Your CRM Tool To Spot Trends And Optimize Your Lead Generation Efforts?

74. Do You Have a Sales Funnel Using a CRM Ready?

75. Does Your Website Load Fast?

76. Do You Use Sales Reports to Easily Understand Your Company's Sales Status?

77. Does Your Product Meet Your Custom er's Needs?

78. Do you Have Ways to Obtain More Email Addresses?

79. Do you send emails to Prospective buyers?

80. Do You Have an Email Manager?

81. Do You Measure your lead conversion rate? (Meaning how many customers/How many leads)

82. Do You Have Product Packages designed specifically for first customers? (example: Special offers, freebies, gifts)

83. Do You constantly follow-up on emails sent to prospective customers?

84. Do any in your team engage directly with comments in your social media account?

85. Do you take telephone skills seriously (for all those involved with talking directly with customers or prospective cuntomers)

86. Do You Have Necessary Operations Report to Keep You On Top of Things?

87. Do You Take Every Possible Moment to Learn New Things in Improving Your Customer Service Skills?

88. Do You Use an Automated System in Managing Your Inventory?

89. Do You Want to Improve the Order Fulfillment Process in Your Warehouse?

90. Does your company solicit customer feedbacks?

91. Does your company maintain proactive customer relation?

92. Do you put extra effort into meeting your client requirements?