Why Graphic Design Is Important For Any Business?

Did you know that 90% of information relayed to the human brain is through visual transmission and 65% of humans are visual learners? It only goes to show that we receive information faster through the help of our vision. We understand things and our surroundings better when the data presented is supplemented by our sense of sight.

Notice how adults protect children from witnessing any form of violence or immoral activities? They cover the eyes of kids or take precautionary measures to avoid it from even happening. Or how about how vivid you can remember the scenes in your favorite movie compared to an event in a book you read? This is because your eyes are a powerful avenue to obtain knowledge. Visual presentation is an effective tool to collect pieces of information and retain data in your brain. You better recall memories and happenings when you are able to experience them with the help of sight.

The power of our eyes has a strong influence on the innovation of designs in different material things, products, and services that we see. Each one of them has a specific color, font, shape, image, presentation, format, and all the other things that make up what they are. Regardless if they all belong to the same category; you perceive each one differently as it gives you a different impact, feeling, memory. Look how you get excited when you see an image or logo of a Black Friday Sale or a new brand of gadget, it triggers happiness that produces an instant reaction and you immediately take action of participating.

Design has been always part of businesses. Currently, graphic design market size in the United States is at $15 billion wherein branding and logo make up $3 billion of the total market. It is a significant arm of your marketing unit whose role is to create a strategic plan that will invite leads and clients to utilize your products and services. The design of your logo resonates, speaks to your audience and determines how they should see you as a company. It involves in-depth understanding of a complex mixture of different components that make up your logo or any graphic output as a whole. The total design of your business also encompasses the approach and the intention of how you would like to project your organization. For example, if you want to be seen as youthful, you use bright colors and images that interprets youngness. If you want to be seen as eco-friendly, you integrate nature and modernity into your publicity materials. Not only in making logos do you use design but also in building your whole branding. With the help of graphic design, your company’s branding becomes recognizable and optimized. Furthermore, it is consistently involved in different initiatives that allow you to instill in your customers who you are as a business.

Graphic design is a technique to amplify the power of how you inform and communicate your business to people. It is the artistic integration of attention-grabbing colors, words, images that allow you to send a message even with minimal texts. More than that, an excellently executed graphic design enables you to clearly transmit your purpose as an entrepreneur and let the viewers to feel, react, and make an action in the way that you desire.

Based on the studies performed by Adobe, in 2020, 71% of businesses produce 10x the number of designs compared to the previous years which interprets that there is a big need for graphic designers. Given these facts about graphic design, you might already be heading towards hunting for a graphic designer for your business. You have our full support and I will point out even stronger reasons why you should hire a professional by sharing with you its importance:

1.       It is an investment

·         The time, effort, training, equipment in order to hone the skills of a professional graphic designer is no joke. It takes a lot of practice and funds for someone to achieve a full understanding of how to make a remarkable design. Not to mention the money spent to buy the tools needed to master techniques and make an idea into a reality. If you plan of doing this on your own, you have to dedicate a lot of time to study and learn this craft. With the business that you are trying to grow and the commitments you have, you really can’t waste any more time. Best thing to do in order to send out the message you want is to hire a professional.

2.       Standout from the rest

     ·         It this growing economy, competition also rises and so does marketing efforts. Your brand can be pushed back down the vast options the market has at the moment. So, you have to find smart ways to maintain visibility and presence. According to a study by Microsoft, the attention span of people in 2020 has dropped to 8 seconds. Meaning, that is your time window to capture the attention of any viewer. Do just that by creating a strong and impactful visual presentation that that gives a lasting impression. In a nutshell, a design that is memorable and can be easily comprehended by your target market. 

3.       It improves memory retention of your brand

     ·         A piece of information optimized by graphic design has the ability to be instilled in one’s memory for a long time. According to a study published on Academic Journals, an online publication space for high quality research articles, 60% of their respondents agreed that emotional relevance has an effect to purchasing and consumption of goods. It increases the rate of the likeliness of your business to be remembered by a person when thinking of an ecosystem that you are associated to when they can relate to it. Therefore, by incorporating graphic design into your publicity and marketing materials, you are keeping your brand in the immediate list of selections and on top of mind options. 

4.       Transcends the message

     ·         Notice how when you see an image with spider webs, pumpkins, candies, and skeletons it immediately reminds you of Halloween season? While the combination of balloons, roses, gifts give you the idea of valentines? It is understood that the combination of certain photos, font style, and colors can deliver a unanimous message. This is the same principle of graphic design. Through putting together different elements or representations that mirrors your company, it fuels the magnitude and ability to send out to your audience the information that you desire.  

5.       Reveals your identity

     ·         It is amazing how known brands and multinational companies come up with their logos. With the ginormous amount of money, it is just right to spend some of it in creating their logo or their very own trademark. Logos are designed to build an instant connection between the brand and the consumer; to tell people that when you see this shape, image, combination of colors, you promptly remember of brand X. Check out the 4 intertwined circles in Audi’s logo – it is not some meaningless shapes but it represents the 4 companies behind the luxury car. Integrating graphic design must tell a story about your roots, who you are, or even what is expected of you. It incapsulates the whole being of your company.

6.       Boosts your sales

     ·         Your logo, packaging, printed materials, brochures, and all the other initiatives where graphic design is needed can make or break the potential to grow your business.  Being able to create such promising efforts has the power to boost up your sales. It is essential that your graphic design alone is well thought, enticing, and can deliver the message that your products and services are worthy of people’s money especially for the first timers. A weak graphic design can waste your time and resources if it does not persuade the market that you can bring value and satisfaction to the society. 

7.       Build trust

    ·         Building the trust of your audience is important to develop any kind of organization and the way you present your business has a great influence should you or not be trusted by the market. Later on, trust is converted to loyalty wherein you gain repeat customers and patrons. Empowering your visual presentations to look professional will dug your way towards gaining good impression from the people that you are reliable in providing excellent quality of service. Furthermore, trust also generates a great portfolio for your business. When people learn that you have regular and happy clients who trusts in your company, the more it is easy for them to decide and plunge in to your list of customers. 

Due to the fact that there is a rise in the number of small businesses opening up everyday, there is a great need for you to up your game by investing in graphic design which role is to be eye catching, impactful, and comprehensive. With the fast paced lifestyle we are all in today, the greater the chances for people to get distracted. You have the power to capture people’s attention and increase their retainment of business information. Look no further! Check out our list of products that are positioned to expedite your business growth.

Why Graphic Design Is Important For Any Business?