The Most Important Virtual Assistants You Can't Go Without

Either you are solopreneur or someone who runs a whole company, it is essential to have people who you can count on. You team is composed of staff who are dependable, responsible, go getter, and efficient. As you grow your company, it is critical to build a system that works best for your business. This involves how you operate your business and how your staff function. These two should be coherent by working smoothly and simultaneously.

Your staff plays a significant role in building your business. Not does it only assist you in operating but ultimately, your staff provides you opportunities to land more clients, generate income, achieve business goals and of course help you with time management. They are supposed to add value towards your business. Your staff is far from being just your employees. They are your partners as well because you have similar goal to reach – to make your business successful.

There are multiple ways to make sure you have the best team on your side. By best I mean, these people are team players, aligned with your company’s vision, and working smart to name a few. You can now get a hold of such workforce with a little help from our friend – the technology.

Through the use of a couple of devices like computers and internet connection, it immensely diminishes the limitations in obtaining the best employees for your business without having them to physically report to work. With the pool of candidates coming from different parts of the globe, there is a high chance to meet the best person for the vacancy. You can also avoid the hassle of scouting for the strongest candidate as interested freelancers will be the one lining up to get the job. Big or small companies, leaders are resorting to freelancers who possess the right qualities for the job opening because of a few compelling reasons -  you gain a better roster of options, it is cost efficient, and it allows you to operate 24/7.

Another form of freelancers is called Virtual Assistants. These are people who can provide you excellent service that you need without breaking the bank while attaining business success at the same time. Sounds enticing right? Check out my thoughts about What Is A Virtual Assistant & How To Hire One to know how the role of VAs and how you can get one.

Virtual Assistants manifest a key role in business management. They are multi-taskers that you just got to have. Most business owners delegate to the Virtual Assistant duties that are comprised of administrative work such as answering emails or calls, scheduling of appointments, or conducting presentations. These are repetitive work that requires basic skills and minimum supervision. Let’s face it. These types of clerical work are just time consuming. Instead of using your time finishing up admin work, assign it to your Virtual Assistant so you can focus on the other important and pressing matters.

On the other hand, there is another type of Virtual Assistant who has a specialized set of skills for a particular job. Some examples would be people who has experience in lead generation, online marketing, website coding, content writing, web and graphic design, and a whole lot more. These Virtual Assistants have professional background and solid knowledge which can assist you in a specific key area of your business.

Let us move down to the specifics. I have gathered 6 Virtual Assistants that you can hire for you to advance in business and increase profitability. Take note that these 6 items are not the only kind of VA that you need, but these are the ones that you just cannot go without.

1.       Admin Work -  Whether you own a start up or a well established company, you all need people to do the administrative work. These are the basic duties or groundwork that answers to the basic needs of your company. From answering calls, scheduling appointments, conducting personal errands, ordering supplies, to keeping a list of your tasks. Your Virtual Assistant that does admin work is flexible enough to accomplish tedious task so you can address other obligations. He/she is an all-around employee who is responsible in keeping you on track of your commitments.

2.       Content Creation – A reason why companies are hiring content writers is because this kind of Virtual Assistant produces optimized web contents that propel your webpage towards the top search engine result page. People conduct most of their research online; it is essential to increase and maintain your brand presence to your audience to keep your brand relevant and on top of mind. Furthermore, content writers are word masters who has the power to influence your reader’s perception towards your business. Hiring a Virtual Assistant who has the ability to write well is vital in ensuring that your business is perceived according to your desired direction.

3.       Marketing – Every company has a target audience to capture. The number one avenue to do this is by marketing your product/service. Hence, a Virtual Assistant who has the skills to properly conduct marketing strategies is a must have. Your Virtual Assistant is knowledgeable about effective techniques on how you can tap your target audience and engage them to call to action. Tip! you can also look for a person who has skills with graphic design so you are hitting two birds with one stone. Your marketing person will guide you how to successfully penetrate your target audience or even the ones outside your scope through online and offline marketing campaigns.

4.       Social Media management – Admit it or not, we are taken over by the social media networks and applications. Almost every person who has a smart phone or any device powered by the internet is a social media user. So, why not use it to your advantage? This type of Virtual Assistant takes care of your social media accounts and engagement. It is important that there is a person who is updating your social media posts to keep your followers drawn to your page. This is also one of the top channels where audience can reach you so an immediate response is needed.

5.       SEO specialist – This Virtual Assistant works best side by side with your content writer. Both are responsible in making sure your web contents are optimized and it drive audiences to your homepage. The SEO specialist is also well educated in lead generating software which guides them to analyze and implement changes that will help you to further enhance your presence in the search engine result page. Part of their skills is to strategize how to increase collection of data from potential clients through the use of different platforms and tools.

6.       Finance adviser – A critical role in business management is the ability to manage your finances properly especially if your company is involved with dispensing and generating high amount of money. If you are weak in this key area of business, best option is to hire a person who has strong background in finance. You will be trusting that Virtual Assistant with your funds so make sure that that person is trust worthy. Your finance adviser is responsible to make your expenses safe, well disseminated, and used properly. You will also be guided by your Virtual Assistant the health of your cash flow and how you can keep it balanced.

These key Virtual Assistants will help you to operate your business even without physically meeting. You just have to ensure that your Virtual Assistant has the capability to perform the tasks that you require. We do not want to waste resources, for sure. Virtual Assistants are not far different from regular office based employees. The advantage of hiring VAs is that you can maintain you’re capital and operating expenses low. Moreover, you can still assure that your staff is the best there is within a given parameter.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the best decisions you can do. Most companies are resorting to Virtual Assistants to keep their businesses open and of course, keep their sanity. Now that the pandemic happened, it resulted companies to convert their business model into online based work. Of course, they still need workforce. Hence, the rise of demand for Virtual Assistants.

Ultimately, wouldn’t you want to offload work from your shoulders? Wouldn’t you want to get a little more time to do activities outside of your work? Running a business can be an exhausting job. I cannot stress enough the importance of people who will support you like your team and a person who will guide you like a business coach. Dig in deeper the significance of a mentor and the 10 Reasons To Hire A Business Coach.

This is why you need a Virtual Assistant. It gives you the liberty to manage your time efficiently, maximize work, unleash endless possibilities, to treat yourself by spending quality time with your loved ones, and make time for your extra-curricular activities without having to worry about leaving your business unattended.