A New Insurance Agency Specializing In Burial Insurance Opening In Memphis
The Insurance Guy: Easy to qualify with very reasonable terms. Best option to secure peace of mind and protection from unexpected death.

A new insurance agency, The Insurance Guy, operated by A.J. Lamar Jr. is opening in Memphis, TN, on May 14.  The main product on offer is a burial insurance program with a three-part system that includes whole life insurance coverage, accidental death coverage, and free funeral planning, all in one package.  Everybody from 30 days old to 85 years old can be insured from Day 1 even with a less than perfect medical history.     

              Interested applicants will find it easy to avail of this awesome insurance program.  No medical exam will be required.  Even applicants who are diabetic with high blood pressure can be covered on the same day for most cases.  Applicants can be insured by phone with protection right on the day they call.  All they need to do is to answer about 8 general questions.  Aside from insuring yourself, the same can be applied when insuring family members.  Grandparents, for instance, can insure grandchildren, children can insure parents, siblings, niece, nephews, aunts, or uncles over the phone.   

The best time to avail of this burial insurance program is as soon as you read this.  The younger the insured, the lower the policy price will be starting at $15.00 per month.  This makes this insurance program great to be put on babies.  This burial insurance program can also be perfect for anyone who seeks to have peace of mind knowing their families are protected from most issues that come with an unexpected death.

It makes perfect sense to take what the burial insurance program offers.  Life is full of uncertainties and taking the insurance program on offer here gives you a great chance to take control of what may happen.  In the event of death, for instance, the other costs that are associated with burial greatly exceed the cost of burial itself.  There is just so much emotion involved that making prudent decisions during the time of a funeral can’t be made properly.  But being insured is not just about the cost involved, it is knowing that your family will be spared most of the misery that could be compounded if you are not covered by this kind of insurance if you die. 

The terms are generous.  The needs of members are considered when the time comes when someone dies.  Payouts are not limited to just costs directly related to burial.  Payouts can be arranged in such a way that excess cash can be given to beneficiaries to cover other expenses.    

You will not be shortchanged at any time during your membership.  The Insurance Guy will make sure you will always be informed of any changes once you become a member.  That is, as soon as you sign-up, you can be sure that your insurance policy is taken care of at all times, even beyond death.

The Insurance Guy offers one of the most generous and considerate terms for applicants. They have made careful thought to provide the chance for applicants to have the opportunity to have peace of mind knowing that death does not mean debt.