How to Maximize Your Reach and Sales Using Video Marketing

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There are several ways entrepreneurs and marketers follow to market their brands, products, and services. According to studies, the most used strategy in promoting is through visual images. 80% of businesses are engaging with graphical photos when it comes to advertising and marketing, while 63% of business owners are only using videos, despite 76% of marketers agreeing that sales increased after implementing video marketing.

    Video marketing is an integral part of your journey in promoting your business, products, and services. It is a multi-dimensional approach in demonstrating strong, vital points and highlighting your product/services features. Added by exceptional video effects, graphic design, music, and other video enhancement, it has the potential to bring forth a positive response to your desired call to action.   

    We have been monitoring the performance of video marketing and how it affects businesses. With the aforementioned statistical data, there is a significant connection between increased sales and video marketing. It is our mission to build better businesses. Since it is evident that video marketing is an avenue to do so, we highly recommend including this in your marketing plans.

    If you are still at a loss or navigating your way towards reaching your target number and business goals, you are on the right page. As you read further, you can find out how video marketing can maximize your audience reach and sales revenue. But before we head on to that, let me strengthen your knowledge that you must know about video marketing before jumping on to the actual process.  

    By now, you must be already familiar with what video marketing is. Otherwise, to simplify its meaning, it promotes a brand, product, or service through an optimized video. By optimized, we mean it is well crafted with proper graphic design, music, good narration, complementing colors, and text. In a nutshell, the composition of the video must be aligned with the message that you want to convey.

    When done right, your video can be a powerful and effective means of a higher conversion rate. Moreover, your video is also an ideal tool to illustrate how versatile and diversified you are as an organization. It is important that you show your audience that your brand can be flexible enough to cater to your market’s needs and heighten your level of engagement.  

    Currently, internet users spend an average of watching 15 videos a week. If this continuously happens, Cisco predicts that videos will take up 82% of the internet space, which means that it will be the key driver of internet traffic in 2021. With the number of online users who are looking for videos, there is an absolute need for more content. Meanwhile, businesses that also found value in video marketing are competing as well for the attention of the viewers. With the current demand right now for video content, you can take this opportunity to create videos that will attract your audience to engage with you.

    Now that we were able to briefly discuss recent studies about video marketing that you should be aware of, we can now jump over to how to maximize your audience reach through video marketing.

Widening audience reach through videos

    It is noticeable that videos are what people are looking for in today’s age. Not only is this based on observation, but it also shows on surveys and studies. This is your opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your market as we already know what they want to push them further to make a purchase. Recent reports say that demos and videos are vital in helping consumers decide whether they will buy or not the item/service. In that case, it is only a matter of composing a high-quality video to market your business since there is already a demand for it. Below is a list of strategies that you can follow to maximize your market reach further using video marketing.


Use online ads – social media has now become a part of our lifestyle. More than 2 billion people are now using social media platforms to communicate, research, and stay on trend. This is your opportunity to tap a tremendous amount of people and inform them about your business. You can use Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and other heavy traffic social networking sites. This way, you can keep your market in the loop about the latest information about your company and consistently be within their radar. 


Attention-grabbing thumbnails – keep in mind that the first impression lasts. To gain more viewers for your videos, it is significant that you obtain an appealing and attention-grabbing thumbnail. This builds interest and curiosity once your audience comes across your video. Include popping colors, big texts, and images that call your market's attention to drive viewers to play your video. 


Include the “share” button as mentioned in our first key point, there are several areas that you can use to place your video. Hence, another strategy to optimize your video and increase your audience reach is to ensure that your video is shareable. Add a share button where watchers can share your video across their social media accounts, friends, and family members. Through this tactic, you gain additional potential clients that you can turn into patrons.            


Feature reliable people  a proven technique to tap a more considerable number of clients-feature prominent or reliable people in your videos. This is a highly used strategy by big and small companies who want to build the foundation of their market. Including real people with good reputations will strengthen your business identity, which leads to high market engagement.  


Use SEO tools actual and informative surveys and studies must back up your business strategies. Luckily, you do not have to conduct fieldwork to accomplish this. SEO tools are your best friend when it comes to the optimization of videos. By using SEO software, you can quickly identify what effective and custom-fit approach to use to stay visible to your market and what else you can do to strengthen the impact of your video.


How to maximize sales using video marketing

Although video marketing is a multipurpose method, it is usually used to attract the market to explore and purchase a product or service. A well-crafted video intended to promote a business is a solid key to enhance your sales performance and increase profitability. We prepared a list of tips on how you can grow your sales through video marketing. 


Showcase your product – a more result-generating technique to inform your development about your product through a video. By using this strategy, you can creatively demonstrate your brand, product, and services from different angles and in a realistic approach. This ensures that you clearly relay accurate information and your target market correctly perceives the message. You can also add other enhancements such as music and graphic design to bring out a more appealing effect. 


Solidifies buying decision – as information has become more accessible, the market has found an avenue to use it more smartly. This includes looking for videos that will help them solidify their buying decision. Survey says that videos about a specific product/service have helped many consumers in their buying journey. Use this demand as a tactic to create a first impression or unboxing videos that highlight the strengths of your products and services. 


Entertain and educate at the same time the trick to make your audience believe in your business and purchase your products and services is to create videos that are entraining to watch and educate. Fill your videos with information that addresses the concerns of your market. Make it even more impactful by incorporating interactive elements that will also entertain your videos, such as trivia, games, and high-quality graphics. 


Builds excitement and curiosity – another approach that you can opt to use is to create videos that feature soon-to-launch products or services. Produce a short clip that briefly informs your target market of what is yet to come in the next few days or weeks. Share information that will prepare your call on what to expect from you. This way, you build excitement and curiosity in your audience while not giving everything away just yet. 


Strong evidence shows that video content is the future of marketing plans. As more people are clinging to videos as an avenue to entertain, educate, and help themselves in their buying journey, the more vital it is to produce videos to showcase your business's strengths. This is the perfect timing for you to hire a video/graphic design artist who will provide solid support to execute a well-made video. Save your business from missing out on opportunities. Get better and faster business results through video marketing.