Graphic Design for Social Media

Social networking sites are a vast platform to source out information, entertainment, and consumer goods. Over the years, social networking has become a lifestyle to us, consistently engaging in social media to satisfy our thirst to always be in the loop of the new trends, activities, and social buzz. With its easy accessibility and its capability to disseminate information at the speed of light, no doubt social networking sites have eventually become a go-to place for users.

It is proven that social media has been an excellent tool for entrepreneurs looking for channels to market their products and services. It is a low-cost marketplace for every business owner aiming to reach a more significant audience and generate more income. According to Statista, 49% of the world's total population is engaged in social media as of 2020.  Even children are heavily engaged in these platforms.

With the growing number of users every day, the wider it is social media has turned into a bigger pool of potential clients. It is a bottomless pond for client acquisition with the complete age range for your preferred target market. Statista's recent studies from January 21, 2021, presents that the average time spent on social media daily is 2 hours and 24 minutes, which is higher than the previous year's rate. The continuous development of time engagement by the users to social media has led businesses to tweak, innovate, and change their approach to better penetrate their target market through social networking sites. Business owners created strategies to utilize these platforms better to make their community and market base grow. With this, you can expect businesses to bombard the interface of social media with global updates, news, photos, and informational pieces to increase their visibility and heighten their relevance. The rising number of entrepreneurs clawing each of their competitor's eyes can be seen as a form of reflection of how clouded and saturated the platform has become. 

Hence, because of the multiple activities going on all at the same time as you scroll down every page of your social media app, the average time of people's attention is at 8 seconds which has decreased by 4 seconds since the year 2000. We tend to be less focused and easily distracted by the other hundred things or happenings fed by social networking sites. We do not even notice that our brain is trained to consume information in a fast and abrupt phasing repeatedly. With this, entrepreneurs have to make the extra effort and take the extra mile to produce information materials that can be deeply grasped within the current attention time frame. CEOs must determine how they can share information by successfully conveying a message within 8 seconds and how to retain the message in the receiver's mind. Otherwise, provided informational tools will underperform, which leads to wasting of resources, missed opportunities, and cause the business to grow slowly.

Social networking sites are incredible platforms to connect with your audience. Its core purpose is to communicate with different people across the globe despite the distance and time difference. With the amount of information disseminated through social media by several entities, people, organizations, it is crucial that you do not fall behind and let your business be pushed down the feed. Social media indeed allows you to create a more considerable audience coverage. However, it is worth noting that it is also a pitfall as you compete with other businesses and the vast diversity of posts, including personal pictures, travel photos, games, news, and a couple of other things one can find online.

Nowadays, with the rise of technology and social media working hand in hand, more and more entrepreneurs are engaging in different social networking sites that allow them to communicate, show, and demonstrate their products and services to a vast marketplace. However, the saturation of these online platforms can cause a problem in your brand presence online. As the competition grows, you need to find a way that will enable you to be highly visible and outstand the rest. A vital tool to up your game in the arena of social media is graphic design.

One of the most effective and widely used tools by businesses in conveying a message is incorporating graphic design into any informational material. It turns data into a visual presentation making it easier for one to understand and absorb faster.

Graphic design is the combination of but is not limited to images, infographics, texts, colors, and fonts. It requires in-depth knowledge and analysis of what creative elements to include and utilize to send a message to your desired audience successfully. It also involves a psychological understanding of your market that enables you to determine the strategies that must take place to execute your visual presentation.

There are different approaches to creating your graphic design depending on the social media platform you are using. If the content shall be uploaded to Facebook and Linkedin, the material should look more professional and reliable. On the other hand, if it is to be uploaded on Instagram, Tiktok, or Youtube, it should be relaxed and casual.

Companies have always been integrating graphic design in their marketing efforts and social media engagement. Not only does it beautify your visual presentations, but it also plays a significant role in how you want your publicity materials and your organization to be perceived by the audience. Your graphic design dramatically influences how people build their impression of you, which is why companies are spending tremendous time and effort to make sure that their logos, marketing, and publicity materials are all aligned with who they are.

Supplementing your social media engagement with graphic design will give your business an extra push to properly send out a message that is easily understood and make your receiver respond. Thrilling, pleasing or attention-grabbing visuals that support your informational tools diminish the rate of the audience ignoring the post. As per Red Website Design in 2018, 94% of the market will disregard your online content if it has a poor graphic design.

Social media is an accessible avenue to relay messages and information. However, with the vastness of social media and the amount of content it possesses, you must make sure that you maximize the information's potential to enable it to travel in the realm of social media. Graphic design is your instrument to optimize that piece of information and ensure that your preferred market receives it.

Increased brand awareness is also one of the impacts of injecting graphic design into your social media engagement. By including recognizable elements that represent your business into your graphic design, you promote your company, its purpose, and the contribution you wish to make. You are helping your business stay in front of your audience within your ecosystem. 

Apart from that, graphic design has the power to build your company a professional and trustworthy image. The audience must see you as a credible source for their needs, and you have clients who value your business. Hence, it is significant that your design encompasses quality products, provides the impression that you are a well-established organization, and capable of producing top-notch service.

Once you have gained the trust of your audience, this will now be converted into sales. To state the obvious, you are investing in graphic design to increase your revenue and sales performance. The main goal of integrating a powerful and robust graphic design into your social media engagement is to convince the audience that your products and services are what they need and that you are dependable, leading to the product/service being purchased.

This is the perfect time to hire a graphic designer as these are the professionals in ensuring that their expertise helps you enhance and boost your company through the use of visual materials. Your graphic designer is responsible for translating a message into a visual approach that is eye-catching and recognizable for your audience, which at the same time should also embody who you are as a business. Professional graphic designers have a better and deeper understanding of what triggers the market to pay attention and respond through the power of online visual materials.

The role of graphic design can traverse different business units and initiatives that are geared towards building a better business. Furthermore, it is capable of driving your company towards the firsthand of options in your respective industry. It is a versatile element that promotes your business and allows you to be distinct by producing compelling visual presentations.

An informative text or message is essential to keep your social media engagement high and active. Amplify them through an impactful graphic design that interprets your message at a glance. We aim to allow your business to perform at its utmost capacity, and we want to bring value to your company by providing proven services whose intention is to make your business win.