8 SEO Copywriting Tips To Rank In Google & Engage Readers
We are already at the point of our lives where in messages can cross oceans

We are already at the point of our lives where in messages can cross oceans and mountains in only a matter of seconds by just the use of our fingertips. There are thousands of articles that are published everyday in the realm of the internet and most often than not, there is an answer to every query a searcher types on Google. Bloggers/online writers are always in a battle to achieve a higher rate of positive call to action; but let’s be real, making it in SERP is already a huge struggle.

 So here is the deal, you have a full proof high converting content but the competition is just too stiff as you see all these beautifully crafted contents online. What can you do to gain maximum advantage among other competitors? – integrate SEO copywriting techniques. Sit back as I enumerate 8 SMART SEO copywriting tips to rank in google and engage readers.

Let us first breakdown what is SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting is a technique you can use to optimize your content. This enables your page to be on the top ranking SERP, land your target market, drive audience engagement, and finally convince them further to take a positive action.

Through SEO and pro tips in copywriting working hand in hand, you can draw more people’s attention to your content, shape up your business, and heighten its growth. Besides, one without the other would lessen its function.

How To Rank In Google

Hang on tight and check out these 8 tips that will surely enhance your online copywriting content.

1.       Understand the audience – You can start conceptualizing your content by being able to get a better understanding of what your audience is looking for. This forms the right kind of foundation for your content. It is also the best to find out the search intent – what drives the searcher to look into that query? From that information, you can reverse engineer the content in a way that allows you to identify how to meet your business goals. Check this example below:


If you type “hotels” in search, immediate results would show you hotels that are available for booking. It would not present results that are in a narrative format because it knows that searcher is looking for available hotels for booking. If you understand your audience, it would give you a different perspective on how to create the approach of your content.


2.       Weaving keywords – Part of the goal is to seamlessly weave SEO keywords with the body of your content. Use these optimizers to enhance your content but do not overboard to avoid word stuffing – this is bombarding the content with keywords and unrelated phrases. Some do this to cheat their way to the top ranking result page but this is dangerous as google’s system can filter this out and remove you from the result page. See this instance below:

If you are looking for ways to training your dog, here are the list of keywords you must to optimize your content: dog breeds, dog kennels, dog crate, rescue dogs, house dogs, dog toys, and so on. By marrying these words to your article, it will boost its site metrics rate when searched on google. But remember to avoid word stuffing at all costs!

3.       Title it right – The composition of your title is detrimental to your content as it should capture what the text is all about. Since this is the first thing a searcher would see on the result page, you must make use of powerful words such as “The best..”, “Facts”,” or “The Importance Of..” to give an impact to the reader. Searchers will only take a few seconds to read the title and will continue to scroll down the web if they do not find the words appealing or relatable.  You can also opt to add numbers in the title as studies show that it receives a high click through rate.  An example would be:


“The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit X Restaurant”

“The 5 Best Gifts For Mom This Mother’s Day”

“The 5 Easiest Ways To Wear A Mask During This Pandemic”


4.       Meta description – Now that we have tackled building the right title of your content, meta description has the same level of importance too. You can find this below the main title on the search engine result page.  It is a snippet of your content that gives the audience a preview of what lies behind the title. Meta description is also used to support the main title and it usually contains 135 to 160 characters so it should capture the interest of the reader immediately. Well composed meta description increases your click through rate so be careful when creating this feature. Get a better idea here:


Best Christmas Gifts For 2020 Under $20

Score these deals during the Christmas sale from the top luxury brands now! All items are available online and in your leading supermalls.


Top New Iphone Models To Expect in 2021

Get ready as we bring you the first peak of the upcoming Apple Iphone products in 2021! Catch it first here in our interview with Apple’s very own, Steve Jobs.


5.       Interlinking – Another essential part of building a strong structured website is interlinking. This is the way of suggesting posts or articles that are within your website through the use of links. With the help of interlinking, site crawling of your page would be done faster, navigation is coherent, and searchers stay longer which give them high exposure to your website. Through this, your website would have a better metrics and stronger structure. You also have to understand that a strong website is measured not only by quantity but also by the quality of the links pointed towards your webpage. See quick samples below:

“Next on the thanksgiving must have is turkey – check out the 5 Best Ways to Cook Turkey

“It is proven by studies that increasing you word power can get you 1,000,000 USD in just five months. Here’s our cover on Practice These Everyday and you will earn 1,000,000 USD “


6.       Bucket brigade – This is an old copy writing technique that is still highly recommended where in you strategically make your audience read longer, move forward through the content and with you as a copy writer. In a nutshell, these are phrases used as a cliff hanger on your content. Find out how below:


“If you purchase the standard package, you will have a free travel pack. But wait there’s more!.....”

“Because you are part of our growth, we are offering amazing deals below just for you!”

“Dying to have a VIP ticket to the hottest concerts this year? Here’s what you need to know!


7.       Include media / images – Since we are dealing with retainment of attention, we only have a very minimal amount of time in our hands. It is in people’s nature to be visual so we like to actually see graphics that explain matters at one glance. Meaning, adding media to your content will help you as a writer present idea to the readers what you are covering on your content. It also puts a break to lengthy texts giving readers something fresh to look at. Tips on how to add media:

Ensure your image is crisp – avoid pixelated photos. Make sure that the image is clear.

Size must be right – consider the space that it will take up in your website.

Choose the right colors – image should be attractive to the eyes or pleasant to look at.


8.       Write comprehensively – Cover sub topics that will also answer the searcher’s question and even the ones he didn’t know he had. Discuss in your content other related sub topics that will help you bring out a concise, comprehensible, and well thought of article. Include appealing sub headings to breakdown your title as you cannot compress everything in your main title. Take note as well of subtopics you are about to cover as it builds anticipation and draws in the audience deeper. It will heighten the chance of making searchers spend time on your web page so do not skip this part. 

And there you have the smart practices in SEO copywriting that will help you rank in google. Integrating these 8 steps in your content will enhance your SEO copywriting skills and will definitely optimize your content / web page in no time. Keep in mind that an effective copywriter must be able to engage the readers by successfully merging these steps together and making a call to action.  Make use of the samples above and go ahead practice your skills!